Be a Guest on The Show


Be a Guest on the Show

I am looking for guests to be on the show. If you have an interest in helping others in the writing industry who need guidance with their projects, or for individuals who wish to put there words on paper but are uncertain of how to go about it, I need you. I am willing to add a link to your website in return.

If you are a writer, author, or expert in any of the fields listed in this shows line-up, and would like to be a guest on the show, e-mail me directly at, and leave a message with your phone number and the best time to call you back. Please keep in mind I am located in Las Vegas, Nevada, (Pacific Standard Time Zone). Please leave your name, location, and interest with the show. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

The following are the air dates with the topic of each show. There will be many aspects of each subject matter discussed. In addition, I will allow several minutes for each guest to discuss their current project in detail. Interviews can be conducted in the studio, live, or via the telephone. I will give out the Call-In phone numbers prior to the interview. For whom it may apply; we do have a toll free 800 number to call in on for phone interviews.


February 27 – WRITING THE FIRST SENTENCE: Whether you are attempting to write songs, novels, scripts, your memoir, or wish to write articles for newspapers and magazines, this show will explain the art of creating and structuring your work.

March 12 – MANUSCRIPT EVALUATION: We will discuss the importance of editing, how to get an editor, formatting, and programs that are available to help with the writing process.

March 26 – PREPARING YOUR WORK FOR PRINT: Choosing a title, Cover Design, ISBN, SAN, Bar Codes, ABI, and the Library of Congress.

April 9 – PUBLISHERS VS. SELF-PUBLISHING: Should you find a publisher or self-publish? Can just anyone publish? We will debate Vanity and Subsidiary Publishers, as well as Print On Demand and E-Books.

April 23 – FUNDING YOUR PROJECT AND AGENTS: Our panel will discuss the various ways to fund your project and offer advice on whether you should acquire an agent and how.

May 7 – E-BOOKS, BOOK STORES AND INTERNET SALES: We will examine the many ways to sell your work and where, and the importance of websites and more.

May 21 – PROMOTING YOUR WORK: Learn the many ways you can promote your work without spending a great deal of money via radio, book signings, events and lectures.

June 4 – SELLING ON THE INTERNATIONAL MARKET: The gift of the World Wide Web and maintaining your international rights.

June 18 – WRITING FOR TELEVISION AND MOVIES: If you have an interest in writing for television or for the motion picture industry, this is the show for you.

July 2 – WRITING FOR NEWSPAPERS AND MAGAZINES: Whether you would like to write short stories for print magazines or articles for newspapers and magazines, we will talk about the many ways to get your work published.

Future shows will be dictated by the audience.


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