To Do List from funnyfail.com10 writing-related reasons to make lists:

1) If you have no idea what to write or where to begin, it’s a quick way to get started.

2) Making short notes is a lot less daunting than writing full sentences, and you can always expand on it later.

3) Giving the list a title can be fun. Try ‘favourites’, ‘inventions’ or ‘plans for taking over the world’. (Or even ‘ten writing-related reasons to make lists’.)

4) You could list characters, locations, plot points or random story thoughts.

5) If you’re stuck, you can write lists of likes and dislikes for one of your characters. If you’re really really stuck, you can write a shopping list for yourself.

6) No, seriously. Because you can tell a lot about a character by looking at their lists. And sometimes you can get yourself unstuck by making a quick list of the things YOU want.

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