Aspects of writing: Guest Roger DeBlanck

About Roger
My novel, The Ramos Brothers Trust Castro and Kennedy, has been published by CreateSpace and is available on for purchase. Here’s the description as it appears on the back of the book:

Born in Havana in the 1940s, Juan and Alberto Ramos grow up in a wealthy, yet less than ideal family. Their boyhood yearnings and adventures coincide with Cuba’s revolutionary upheaval of the late fifties. With instability on the island escalating, the Ramos family makes a heartrending decision. Juan and Alberto’s father chooses to stay in Cuba while the brothers, their nanny, and their mother move to Miami to start new lives. Over the course of their youth, the brothers’ frequent encounters and unique connections with Fidel Castro in Cuba and then with John F. Kennedy in America leave them enamored with the larger-than-life images of these two brilliant, yet flawed leaders. Ultimately, Juan and Alberto trust in their bond of brotherly love as the guiding force to fulfilling their hopes and dreams. Spanning over twenty years in the lives of the brothers and covering nearly a half-century of the lives of their extended family, The Ramos Brothers Trust Castro and Kennedy weaves together an intimate coming-of-age tale with a multi-generational family saga. This is the epic story of two courageous boys as they endure hardship and tragedy to become extraordinary young men during one of the most pivotal eras of the 20th Century.


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