The Next Big Star “Kathleen Shinn”

The Next Big Star with James Kelly and Dari-Lynn

About Kathleen

My life is shaped by my daughter and my profession, as an RN. Alyssa was born October 19th, 2006. She was premature and spent time in the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). She was born perfect, tiny, but perfect. The NICU provided an environment where she could grow and gain weight. On November 8th, Alyssa was weaned from the ventilator and breathing on her own, she had nearly doubled her weight. On November 9th, 2006, Alyssa received a lethal dose of zinc in her intra-venous (IV) nutrition, aka T.P.N. She died that day, when she was 3 weeks old.

Since then I have dedicated my life and profession to promoting patient safety, preventing med errors, providing families with complete transparency and advocacy.

Please click on the link below to watch ABC’s Nightline News to see Alyssa’s Story. My daughter’s birth was the happiest and most complete I have ever felt, I share the story of her death, in the hopes that it will prevent others from suffering needlessly. A 20 second advertisement will run prior to the start of Alyssa’s video.


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