I write under the name James Kelly. I am the author of two self-published novels. My first, The Emblem, a government espionage, paperback, published in 1995. This book was carried by both Border Books and Barnes and Nobles. You can still find copies of The Emblem at Amazon.com. The 2005 edition of Creating God is available on the internet as a download at Barnes and Noble.com (click on Nook Books) or follow this link
I have other works on the drawing board; some finished, some still in the concept stage. I write in many genres including children stories, science fiction, dramatic fiction and government espionage.

More recently I co-wrote a memoir with someone I know. I published the book coordinated a launch and book signing for it’s release on January 14, 2012. The book’s title is : Unexpected Turns – Great Joys and Deep Sorrows by Sonia Lising-Cahalan. Facebook and Kickstarter.com played a big part in getting that book into print. To learn more, go to Unexpected Turns on Facebook.

Radio Show launched on February 13, 2012. “Aspects of Writing” is on on KLAV 12:30 on the AM dial, or streams live on the internet at http://www.KLAV1230am.com – Please come join the fun.


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